Hi, I'm Jody Smith owner and creator at SmithWorks Media a brand-building company based out of Dorchester SC. The creative side of building a brand is an exciting process that drives me to assist in developing these strong brands with my amazing clients. I was born in Charleston SC and raised in the small town of Summerville SC. Over the years of growing up in Summerville, not too far from downtown Charleston I fell in love as a kid with the stories that downtown had to share with its history. One of the only classes that I enjoyed in school was history due to the stories that the past holds. 


 I developed an interest in creating videos and capturing the highlights of the events I wanted to record so that I would never lose the memories associated with them. I started this out as a kid without even knowing where that would take me as an adult looking for a career. I have had successful businesses growing up starting my very first business at 18 with money that I saved over summer work. That landscape maintenance company added design & installation then pressure washing along with property management. When the 2008 recession happened, everyone with a truck and trailer became a landscaper to survive, and the landscape market lost value very fast. That resulted in some significant losses and decisions in my life, along with a career change to decorative concrete. I wanted to do something that not everyone could do if another recession happened. I fell in love with creating something from nothing and having an unlimited design with amazing results. 


 I created everything from Koi Ponds, to pools along with some fantastic outdoor retreats loaded with hardscape innovations. I started capturing my career from the very start once I realized that I wanted things at a whole different level as the people that I hired to build my business image. It was never to my expectations and effortless in form and design. It was when I made it to the concrete industry that others started to notice my abilities even before I did. They wanted me to capture their work and edit their videos resulting in building a brand. Once someone offered to pay me for this, I found myself hooked on learning everything I could about this process. I stayed driven working late nights, honing my skill set to be the best that I could be as a creative artist. 


 I felt the shift after working with the top names in our industry for over a decade, sometimes not even getting paid to perform the feats of the creative process. It didn't even matter! I was getting recognition and reaching the masses through their platform of followers. I saw how to reach more people and how to capture better training videos for these artists and to turn them into online revenue for their companies. I was motivated and wanting nothing but creating as a creator or Virtual Assistant for the biggest names in the concrete industry. So at that point, SmithWorks Media was born, and so excited to work with the best. To this day, I work with the very best in their fields. I am blessed to be able to choose whom I have worked with along the way, never being driven purely on financial gain. I am still going to work in the decorative concrete industry while expanding my very own brand now.


  I have focused solely on my clients for many years with impressive results that will now allow me to endeavor out into the eCommerce world along with taking on the challenges of affiliate marketing. I'm going to come back to my roots to start working with local businesses all over the Lowcountry. I will be extending my services throughout my local areas. I can't wait for the new challenges that I face and the creative fun I will have along the way.


 If you find yourself struggling to build an image for your growing or starting brand, feel free to give me a call. I'm sure SmithWorks Media can assist you in any concern that you may have in the capturing of your very own story. Until then!

 Thanks for stopping by the site I hope you enjoy it!

- Jody Smith


I am also very excited to expand our services to areas outside of the decorative concrete industry. I plan to do this by using all the techniques that I have learned throughout my career to capture all the intricate details of brand styles across the board.




Why I stepped into a whole new career that I have enjoyed part-time for over a decade now. I am an artist in the decorative concrete industry.  I will always enjoy creating with concrete but my new focus is on being a different kind of creator.

 I also feel that life is about being truly happy and pursuing dreams and accepting challenges in finding creative ways to create. I'm very excited about the possibilities of using the FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE platforms. I got started by creating videos, ads, blogs, creatives, websites along with maintaining all of my own social media and internet marketing for my very own company Coastal Rock productions.


I have been doing this since it's the creation in 2009. I just love the way the internet changes daily while offering the endless possibilities that it does. I have been working with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans since late 2009 creating all kinds of creatives and videos. I have been filming over Giffin's shoulder and editing his Vertical Artisans promo material for his online training for most of that time. We have built a very strong brand that continues to grow more and more each year.

I have learned a lot from working with Vertical Artisans first hand on many promotional projects. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Nathan and his abilities are some of the very best in the vertical decorative concrete industry. He is a great friend and has educated me for many years in the decorative concrete industry and in life as well. Nathan is a well-known artist who has thousands of students in his hands-on and online organization. He has been featured on the covers of industry magazines along with being featured in many different areas of his industry. 

I wanted to put together a small series showcasing the behind the scenes action as I travel to capture all the action for Nathan along with other clients as well along the way. There is a huge schedule of events in front of us leading way into 2020 I will be revealing those events as they unfold in future episodes.


There will be many forms of capture and creative ways of promotion as well. In which you will have a behind the scenes look into these areas. I hope to capture the art of storytelling in a very creative form while learning more and more along the way. We are never too old to start or to learn!

I thank you in advance for your support of the project and I hope you enjoy this episode along with the many upcoming ones as well.




  Nathan Giffin is a highly skilled leader, artist, and trainer in the Vertical Decorative Concrete industry. He is also the creator of the Vertical Artisans brand and online training organization.


Giffin created his own space in the vertical concrete industry and set the bar very high at the very beginning of his career. His stylings and training have helped shape the industry into what it is today.


 Keefe Duhon is the owner of the Concrete Revolution, LLC. Keefe is from New Iberia, LA, where he and his family live and operate Concrete Revolution, LLC. Keefe's passion for his business started in early 2008, where he saw an opportunity to be creative, offer quality services to customers, and start a revolution when it comes to plain concrete.


  Keefe's philosophy is a bit different from other concrete contractors. Keefe believes that the floors you walk on should be art, art that is specific to his client's personality and creativity that is truly one-of-a-kind and which cannot be easily replicated. Keefe provides more than stained concrete; he gives his clients decorative concrete. Keefe has perfected this art in a short time, making him an artist along with being an industry leader of concrete, changing concrete forever.


Ryan Wolfrath has created a unique styling of landscape curbing that has set him apart from many other curbers. He is an elite installer and trainer in his industry of landscape curbing. An industry that he expanded into with The Curb Depot brand.


The Curb Depot sells the very best in landscape curbing equipment, products, and training on the market.