SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? Is what a lot of my friends and family have been asking me lately. So I have decided to create a series during my travels showing the talents of Nathan Giffin​ and the many amazing people we get to meet! The amazing products, tools, with the innovative vertical decorative concrete systems that we use and all the good times we have!


THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT WITH YOUR SHARES AND LIKES! I want this to be a fun and not so serious series while giving all of you a behind the scenes look into my life now. This is a creative project that I have always wanted to do and IT'S TIME TO GO!


This is a video about LIVING A DREAM IN AIRPORTS WHILE TRAVELING ON AIRPLANES WITH CAMERA GEAR TO FILM DECORATIVE CONCRETE. I am headed to Seattle Washington to capture a foam core construction training with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans. The team is going to create an outdoor barseat wall, concrete countertops, grilling area, ice rocks, planter rocks using foam substrates, and vertical concrete mixes. The walttools products used are nothing short of amazing. The ToolCrete Mortarsprayer performs perfectly applying the needed structure coat. The hosts of this training was Ken Jones and Marianne Jones of KMJ Excavating in Sultan Washington. They were amazing!!!




Hi, I'm Jody Smith​ of Going Coastal Web. I am stepping into a whole new career that I have enjoyed part-time for over a decade now. I am an artist in the decorative concrete industry. I will always enjoy creating with concrete but my new focus is on being a different kind of creator. I also feel that life is about being truly happy and pursuing dreams and accepting challenges in finding creative ways to create. I'm very excited about the possibilities of using the many available platforms to share.


I got started by creating videos, ads, blogs, creatives, websites along with maintaining all of my own social media and internet marketing for my very own company Coastal Rock productions. I have been doing this since it''s creation in 2009. I just love the way the internet changes daily while offering the endless possibilities that it does. I have been working with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans since late 2009 creating all kinds of creatives and videos. I have been filming over Giffin's shoulder and editing his promo material for his online training for most of that time. We have built a very strong brand that continues to grow more and more each year. I have learned a lot from working with Vertical Artisans first hand on many promotional projects. I have a tremendous amount respect for Nathan and his abilities are some of the very best in the vertical decorative concrete industry. He is a great friend and has educated me for many years in the decorative concrete industry and in life as well.


Nathan is a well-known artist who has thousands of students in his hands-on and online organization. He has been featured on the covers of industry magazines along with being featured in many different areas of his industry. I wanted to put together a small series showcasing the behind the scenes action as I travel to capture all the action for Nathan along with other clients as well along the way. There is a huge schedule of events in front of us leading way into 2020. I will be revealing those events as they unfold in future episodes. There will be many forms of capture and creative ways of promotion as well. In which you will have a behind the scenes look into these areas. I hope to capture the art of storytelling in a very creative form while learning more and more along the way. We are never too old to start or to learn! I thank you in advance for your support of the project and I hope you enjoy this episode along with the many upcoming ones as well.